Carpet Made of Old T-Shirts Step by Step

Creating a super cuddly rug with old shirts is the tip that we’ll show you in this post. It is something simple to do and it can be very useful in your home. Check out how to make this beautiful rug made of old tees step by step!

It looks colorful and cozy! Well nice to put in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, terracinho or balcony. Check how to make it and have it on the dress too!


  • Old shirts
  • Plain and simple floor mat (EVA, felt or material of your choice)
  • Scissors
  • hot glue

How to Make Carpet Made of Old T-Shirts

Gather the materials that you will use and we will start to create this beautiful rug made of patchwork. Just do the work calmly and whimsy and everything will end well beautiful.

Begin by cutting off the bottom of the shirt to take out a large strip of fabric, as you observe in the figure below. The width of the strip should be between 3 and 5 cm.

After cutting and removing the strip, cut pieces about 20 cm apart. Make several strips in the same way, cutting pieces about the length indicated.

Now fold the strips so they are about 10 cm long. Do this with all the strips to start knitting.

Time to hit the knots. Just go tying and making the knots so they look like these examples reproduced in the following image. You will have to make several of these strips folded in half and with the knot, especially if your rug is a little bigger. The bigger the rug, the more strips. Make around more than 100 such strips to have a nice chubby rug with a cool size.

Once you make your stripes with us, it’s time to start fixing them on the rug base you provided. This base can be made with EVA, felt fabric or whatever you think best to do. You just have to put the hot glue and fix the strips, one by one. Stick to the part of the knot that you made. It is there that you will press together the glue to attach each strip to the carpet.

Just go put the hot glue and then fixing the strips of fabric that you made. Do this to create the first layer of strips at one end of the carpet.

Follow this rhythm until you finish the first layer of fabric strips on the rug.

Look how it looks when the layer is finished. This is just the first layer, you need to do several of these until you completely fill the carpet.

Follow in the same way by placing a line of hot glue and soon after securing the strips that you did previously.

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Go doing this while you also press the strips and make them tightly together and fixed to the base of the carpet.

Go doing very carefully and delicately. At the end you will have a beautiful rug to decorate your home very gracefully.

Well cool and easy to do without leaving home. Put together your old shirts and also make this handmade rug with strips of fabric.

I really liked the idea! I hope you have also tied yourself. Make also and make your home more beautiful with this useful idea. It is a very good tip to reuse your old shirts and create something very cute and creative with their craftsmanship. Good creations and until the next tip!

Typography t-shirts & tees from Internetsailors.