Celebrate The New Year Chinese with Google and Your Minisite with Games and Videos

The lunar new year just around the corner (officially Saturday 28, although festivities and events vary from one region to another). This time the year of the monkey will give way to the year of the Rooster, and Google has prepared a small minisite to celebrate.

As in previous events such as the Brazil Olympic Games doodle, this site dedicated to Chinese lunar year promises to bring together mini-games with sending congratulations and learn more about the traditions associated with this holiday. The only thing you have to do is to visit this website from your mobile.

A surprise every day

This time, not all of the content and the mini-games are available from the first day, they will unravel as they advance new year’s celebrations. Today January 25 has enabled the first element, in this case a video explaining the custom of clean house to prepare for the new year.

Google We don’t want to reveal the surprise What is back of the rest of day, but everything indicates that videos like the one above with mini-games alternate. At the moment, we know the titles and dates, but we will have to wait for time to know what it is:

  • 27 January: dinner meeting
  • January 28: Dance of the dragon
  • January 29: new year poem
  • January 30: The Hei
  • February 11: Flying Lantern

Whether you are interested in the Chinese new year as if you don’t mind the least, should recognize that the mini-games that usually create Google in this type of occasions tend to be quite entertaining, so we will have to be aware of what is unveiling the next days.