Choose an LED Bulb

Our range of LED bulb is voluntarily limited. We will not sell replacement providing a pleasant light bulbs. The LED first prize broadcast often pale light of low power. With LEDs of high quality, the result is more than a light conventional halogen, and the life expectancy of the bulbs is also greatly improved.

Below is a table summarizing the main types of units:

The choice of the color temperature is essential. Craftinlearning provides more information for you to choose color temperature that most adapted to your needs:

Install a LED bulb

The bulbs sold on the shop have a size very close to conventional bulbs. Sold bulbs power is deliberately limited because the size of the bulbs depends on this power.

However, some precautions must be taken:

For 230V models, LED bulbs settle as conventional bulbs.

For 12V models, need to connect them to a power supply of 12V + / 0.5V decent power. A too powerful power supply can get to safety and will not work properly (blink or stop) If you ask him too underpowered.

My leds 12V MR16 bulbs do not light or blink.

It is certainly an incompatibility with your 220V/12V power supply.

Power supplies sometimes possess a minimum level of power. If this threshold is below the consumption of your bulbs to leds, power can get to safety to avoid running on empty.

Several presumably you solutions:

-change the transformer for a less powerful model,

-keep a classic model that can achieve the minimum threshold in the ampules.