Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

Undoubtedly, talk about the Eco-Drive System Citizen today is not new.

This system was created about 40 years ago and many years and experiences that point to this successful technology.

We talk about a technology that virtually extends the autonomy of the clock to infinity and reducing the cost of maintenance (revisions, batteries, inscrutability).

For all this we can talk about the Eco-Drive as the current spirit of the Japanese.

No one now expects a new benchmark Citizen who does not have this system.

Not only this system is being exploited by Citizen also watch brands such as Tissot, Casio, Seiko etc. they use this technology.

What has happened in Citizen Will it happen in other brands? All watches will eventually be solar? Or at least out of the market of fine watchmaking?
At the end like so many things you always just returning to the past, the first watches that existed were called solar and after many laps we return to the “same”.