Classic Style Handbags

Where would we be without them? The classics. Classics are there in the bag fashion as well as in fashion. Be it the little black dress, the trench coat or the good old jeans: Classic can be combined varied and can be super to wear the latest fashion styles, because they score with timelessness. In short, they are genuine all-rounders. So the classic handbags. The bags are in the clean look, not belonging to any particular fashion style, most are also in the classic colors of black, brown or red and fit therefore always harmoniously into the overall picture and to match any outfit. Their timeless and restrained form they therefore can also be combined to almost every fashionable direction.

Picard is classic bags in various sizes and shapes: Starting with precious evening bags elegant handbags to traditional briefcases available at the brand everything to capture the hearts of fans bag higher. Although trendy bags are available in bright colors with Picard, the focus is on classical models. One of our favorites is the Berlin Short Handle Bag from Picard. Discreet but very flattering, it fits in every woman’s shoulder and white with little means simply look excellent. Those looking for a bit more oomph, opts for the red variant of Berlin Short Handle Bag

Also at Marc O’Polo we find primarily classic bags; noble, timeless and of high quality leather, they are like a never coming out of fashion trench coat. They give each outfit a casual urban charm and let the wearer always natural and authentic act. So a bag is not only perfect for business suits, but also makes any leisure outfit, casual classic flat.

The third brand we noticed in classic bags The Models of Bogner. On the one hand there is the characteristic bags practical nylon supporting the casual look, on the other hand, the very elegant leather bags, such as the Fantasy Aisha handbag. In Fantasy Aisha eyes catch every fashionista to glow: noble grained cowhide, stunning color selection in combination with a classic bag shape. So a bag jewel always fits, whether for jeans, a case- or summer dress or pantsuit for.

On our pocket classics we can rely on, even if it is to go early times fast. Because the clean look of the classic handbags fits easily to any outfit, so technically woman style is always on the safe side, I promise.

Did you also as a classic in the closet?