Cleaning Leather: Care Tips for Shoes and Handbags

Before you start using your new handbag or new leather, you should pay attention to some things, so that the high-quality product will give you a long-lasting pleasure. So that the delicate leather remains very nice for everyday use, we have put together our most important tips and tricks for care and cleaning.

Care before wearing and in everyday life

Before the first wearing you should impregnate your leather shoes and handbags .So bend your water and wet feet.The impregnation spray also protects against light soiling.The impregnation should be repeated at regular intervals.

To test whether there is still sufficient impregnation, some moisture may be applied to a non-visible location.If it is quickly absorbed into the leather or an edge is formed, an impregnation should be carried out.Rice leather can be impregnated with aniline care products as well as special rinse care products.These protect the leather from bleaching and make it supple.

Long lasting care tips

  • After wearing, the shoes should fit the appropriate shoe tensioner
  • When it muffles from the shoe and “smells” :
    Most of the insoles are removable and can be cleaned and dried with a damp (not wet!) Cloth and mild soap.Cloth soles can also be cleaned in the water bath
  • Wear your shoes for a maximum of one day.
    Leather shoes require about 20h.Rest period until the stored moisture evaporates again.
  • If you do not carry your leather handbag for a long time, you should put it in a fabric bag for storage. In addition, it is advisable to fill the bag with newspaper paper so that no unsightly kinks or wrinkles are formed.

Dirt removal

Since rue leather is very open-pore, coarse dirt should be regularly removed with a Rosshaar or creping brush .The wiping of the surface with a window leather, moistened with distilled water to avoid limescale edges, often a chamois leather should also be done regularly.By using a cleaning rubber, coarse soiling can also be removed.

Restore the ruffle surface

If the ruffle glistens or is flattened, it can be rubbed with light pressure over the affected area or the leather brushed with a hard brush.Due to the fine abrasive particles, the surface is roughened again and dissolves the bonded hairs.Even light leather can be treated with this because the eraser can not deposit dirt that could be rubbed into the leather.

Cleaning leather shoes and shoes

S If you have come into the rain and see unsightly water stains on the leather, you should absolutely avoid two things: UV light and heat of heating . It is best to leave the shoe or the leather handbag covered with a lot of paper and dry it in the fresh air. Nail Polish Remover or aggressive detergents should never be used.

Clean and maintain smooth leather

Test all cleaning or maintenance products at a discreet location . Shows
After 1-2h no reaction the cleaning agent can be used.For light soiling you can take a damp cloth and remove the dirt with it.

  • For heavy soiling you can use a special leather or saddle soap.
  • Used after cleaning a leather or saddlery grease or special care creams for smooth leather.
  • If the color loses in luminosity, use the matching color cream to achieve the best possible effect.Pay particular attention to coloring.

Clean and maintain the ruffler (suede / nubuck)

 Also, check all cleaning or maintenance products at an inconspicuous place

  • Smaller impurities such as water stains on velor, nubuck or ruffle leather can also be removed with a soft leather eraser, a creping brush or with a sponge.Here you should first brush with the stroke and then against it.
  • Oil or grease stains can be removed with special leather cleaners.Spray the appropriate spots with the product, allow to react briefly, then gently rub with a cotton cloth
  • You can often remove ball-point marks on ruffles with a simple adhesive tape.Press the tape firmly on the dirt and pull it off immediately.If residues are still present, they can be reprocessed with a wild leather brush.(Do not use with nubuck leather)
  • Brush your Raulederprodukte regularly with a special Wildlederbrürste

Reptile care

Reptilers are applied to the leather with a liquid to gel-like cleaning agent and a soft brush in a thick layer. Another option is so-called soft-care .This spray is color neutral and has a color-activating effect.It makes the leather soft and durable

Ostrich leather care

Ostrich leather requires a colorless shoe cream or a leather balm for moisture retention . For protection from knocks and scratches, a thin layer of wax should be applied after application of the cream.


In the case of fish leather, dust and dirt should be removed with a brush. In addition, the items should be rubbed off. As with ostrich leather, a thin layer of wax should be applied to protect against knocks and scratches after application of the cream.

Artificial leather care

No special care is required for artificial leather articles. Stains can be removed with a soft cloth with the addition of leather and textile shampoo .In contrast to leather articles, cracks or color exfoliations can occur in the case of artificial leather articles.This is a natural process that does not represent a quality degradation.

Care of smooth leather shoes

The care of smooth leather shoes takes place in three steps:

First the shoe tensioner is removed from the shoe and the shoelaces are unthreaded.

Then remove the coarse dirt with a fine brush.Then apply a cream or wax using a soft cloth, usually linen or cotton.The cream application allows a standard care as well as the treatment of particularly dry leather.The cream should be as close as possible to the color of the shoe to prevent unsightly discoloration.The wax application ensures a sealing of the

Leather surface. As a result, the surface is better protected against external influences such as impacts.
In a third final step, the shoes are polished. For this purpose, soft polishing cloths,
Gloss brushes with a rosafarben set and a polishing glove.

Storage & Storage

In order to avoid pressure points, leather articles should be kept hanging, unfolded and without staples. Bags, clothing and shoes should be kept in cotton or linen bags , never in plastic bags.This prevents the superficial dust from settling on the articles and creating a comfortable room climate for the leather.

They should be kept in a cool, dry place , as moisture formation can promote the formation of mold.If leather bags are not used for a long time, they should be filled with paper in order to avoid lying folds and loss of shape.