Corinthians School Backpack, Prices, Where to Buy

Backpacks always help organize our school material, there are a number of products available in the market, here we will recommend some of them that may be interesting for you also contribute a lot with your search.

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Below we will also indicate the site so that you can carry out your purchases and also find all the information they need about the subject matter. Here are specifications about the model we select through the Horizonte Bazaar website where they are also available there:

Double division

Small front zippered pockets

Earphone output

Corinthians custom zipper knob

Front lens holder

Side squeeze door

Width 31cm x Height 49cm x Depth 21cm

Weight: 0.635kg

To contact the company and get more information about the product or to make your purchases through the telesales center we recommend that you use the following telephone number: (11) 2962-2534, interested in making your purchases can find information about the subject Through the following address: