Crafts with Plastic Water Bottles

Between recycled and recyclable materials, the plastic water bottles is really valuable to create jobs for school children and preschoolers. Animals, cases, Gadgets: here is everything that you can create with the PET and plastic caps.

How to create a Dragonfly from a plastic bottle

It’s easy! Just get:

    • Card stock to make the wings
    • Colored or chenille wire antennas
    • Upuldasanga or plastic eyes
    • Scissors

  • Colored markers
  • A bottle of water to 1/2 litre better if colorful andto recycle
  • Transparent or colored glue and tape to assemble.


  1. You cleanse the bottle in soapy water by removing all traces of glue and paper.
  2. Cut out 2 hardcardboard wings and fold the corners at the ends so they can be pasted on the bottle.
  3. Put glue on the nooks of the wings and let them join on the back of the bottle
  4. Passed the tape to secure the wings.
  5. Now glue the eyes.
  6. Create the antennas by passing the wire around the threaded part of the bottle (where you screw the CAP).
  7. Decorated with fantasy.
  8. Close the CAP and voila, your dragonfly!

How to make a pouch or purse by funds of a plastic bottle

Have you ever seen those beautiful embroidered purses or plastic made with recycled objects?Are obtained with very few materials. Here are some examples for stainless steel water bottles:

  • 2 plastic bottles of those funds “curled” and not smooth.
  • A long colored zip
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue


  1. Cut the bottoms of the bottles using scissors and after having drilled the bottle with an awl or knife.
  2. Make sure that the piece is about 10 cm.
  3. Once you have cut 2 pieces, let them adhere to each other to ensure that the glove box you will get to have a nice round shape and not stretched or flat.
  4. Attach the zip using the glue.
  5. Let dry;NB: to make sure that the various pieces are assembled well, you can sew with cotton or a stapler.
  6. Here’s your purse!

To learn more about recyclables, we recommend the page of environmental education for childrenand not only.