Creator of Kickstarter Potato Salad Will Use the Money to Help the Homeless in Your Area

Remember that project through nonsense Kickstarter which raised a fortune to make potato salad? When we talk about it here, at the beginning of July, more than $ 11,000 had been raised. About a month later, on August 2, the campaign ended with nearly $ 55,500 raised.

And what its creator will do with so much money, anyway? There potatoes for $ 55,000.Zack Brown had promised a big free party for everyone to eat this potato salad, but now the thing was over and became a charity project.

Brown will organize an event called PotatoStock in partnership with several companies such as Idaho Potato and Hellman’s. It will be a festival of music free with local bands Columbus, Ohio, the city where he lives, which will take place on September 27 in Columbus Commons and have a lot of potato salad: he estimates between 90 and 136 kg of potatoes.

Part of the money left over after the event will be in a type of savings Columbus Foundation. She will be responsible for delivering it to NGOs that help the homeless in the area. “This type of fund has increased interest every year, so while our little joke of the Internet will be forgotten someday, the impact will last forever,” says Brown.

Besides PotatoStock, he will also use the money to create a mood of site on which willpost original content and want to do a tour of the US and Canada taking his potato salad closer to lenders who can not attend the PotatoStock – this was one of the rewards: eat a piece of potato salad. There are also rewards with photos, t-shirts, cookbooks, among others.

More updates as the news of the Potato Salad project will be posted by its creator on Twitter. It is nice to see that, since the project has raised far more than necessary to make a potato salad, the creator is using the money to a good cause even though not promised this during the campaign, right?