Custo Barcelona, Spring-Summer 2011, New York Fashion Week

After Oscar de la Renta, Custo Barcelona)Custo Dalmau) is perhaps one of the national designers with greater international projection in the world of fashion today. Their colorful designs and his antics when it comes to putting together a space within the world of the great which is hardly going to release, even though many are still those who see their sets as something absurd and lacking in meaning have achieved you. As he says many times, everyone can take their clothes, nor around the world ready to understand your clothes.

It was the note of color within the New York fashion week, and although again has been rather more extensive than male female collection, few items that we have seen are still the same aesthetic standards that the costumes for females, with very interesting proposals.

Check them out.

As it is defined, is an experiment in which mix two different collections. It’s a gathering of fiction fashion, which strives for being casual, creative and risk-taking; and the reality, more relaxed, functional and everyday.

The name of the collection is quite clear with this concept: ‘Fiction and Reality’. The more creative part (Fiction), is inspired by the architecture and mobile Cesar Manrique and Alexander Calder sculptures that are reflected in the designs thanks to its already famous work of patchwork, hand-made, which include assemblies of eco-leather, and also a base of macro sequins or macramé.

The reality, which is intended to be more realistic and pragmatic, is inspired in the style of groupies and reinvented it with the use of new materials, such as acetate, along with other traditional signature such as cotton. Psychedelic prints, curved geometric shapes and Visual sensations…

… together with the combination of neutrals and pastels together with other acids and brilliant.

The more formal line and practice betting on lesser measures by the total looks, Although they refuse to follow guidelines that define them, so leave the monochromatic and apply the tale with prints; i.e., it’s a total pattern in which the view to jump that it was not intended to get the color consistency but rather aesthetic.

The materials of the summer as we have already said, are the cotton and linen, Although it has been also used silk, nylon, or rayon among others, predominantly the freshness and lightness with consistent tissues and body.

Jackets, with symmetrical cuts, break your creative monotony with fairly implausible prints and striking notes of color in all its facets.

Finally, Add-ins are still the third of their strengths but, to my taste, not end up collecting the essence of the collection as they can do it the rest of the items: sunglasses, hats, scarves, belts (at least) or portfolios, are elections of the designer to put the finishing touch to a full collection of sensuality and sentiment.

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