CyanogenMod 9 Leads Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to The Samsung Galaxy Tab Original

If there is anything you dislike is nothing exquisite customers the negligence of the manufacturers when updating terminals When a group of people who doing non-profit and only for help can get it. The case is bleeding in the case of the original Galaxy S and Samsung and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, one of the first tablets to consider carrying Android in its bowels.

The device received the refusal of Samsung to be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich Despite checked it would be perfectly capable of doing it without excessive problems, receiving harsh criticism by many users that we hope to see how they translate into the alteration of the company’s sales. However, the beauty of Android is that we have a scene of developers willing to remove the bacon to anyone who is a little sacrifice in find out.

And is that Cyanogen, one of the most important and beloved groups for the users it has become to brighten up a group of disenchanted customers who will see their terminals reborn with a new ROM, and is that it is neither more nor less than CyanogenMod 9, ROM which will give the power that gives the ice cream sandwich of Google, pioneer of Samsung tablet can squeeze more life of the tablet.

That Yes, we should not forget that the tablet has its time and only supports a resolution of 1024 × 600 and a processor mononucleo 1 GHz, very similar to the of a Google Nexus S qualities, but if this terminal can with ICS the Galaxy Tab can do so with one more than acceptable ease.