Danske Bank on the Road with Mobile Payment Solution for Shops

Danske Bank has great success with MobilePay and now is the announcement that they’re on the road, with a solution for payment in shops.

Every day will be sent approximately 2.5 million dollars between Danes’ mobile phones via Danske Bank MobilePay-application. There are now more than 500,000 users, of whom 57 percent of these are not whole Danish Bank customers.

Therefore it also witnesses that Danske Bank has hold of something, and really gave the Danes a solution that is user friendly and to all who have an Android, iPhone or Windows Phone smartphone.

Expectations are therefore too large to Danske Bank, which has announced that by the end of the year is ready with a solution that opens up for mobile payments in stores.

Danske Bank will, however, not with whether it is a feature that will come in MobilePay-application, or it is something NFC-based, as the solution is working with, or whether the Bank 4T goes in the same direction as the Apple and PayPal.

However, they write in the mail that is sent out to MobilePay-customers:

-“In addition, we have adapted to the conditions, so we now also opens up for you in the future can pay with Mobilepay in select retail outlets. They that businesses want to flaunt a MobilePay logo. ”

-“We are looking forward to come up with a solution that can be used in stores,” However, is the closest thing we can get on a statement from Tue Aip press contact at Danske Bank.

Danske Bank’s solution is expected to be ready by the end of 2013.

The future will be mobile payment

Research firm our site estimates that over the next four years until 2017 will reach to carry out transactions on mobile phones and tablets, which corresponds to a sum of about 18.1 billion kroner.Which would mean an annual increase of 19.8 percent.

But what solution, which ends up being the winner is hard to say at the time of writing. NFC technology has in the last 7-8 years been referred to as the technology that would be used for mobile payments, but it seems more and more that we must find the solution somewhere else.

Danske Bank have received 500,000 users in record time, and may be able to sit with the solution on mobile payments. We are smarter in the next months.