Days of Water and Rain. How to Dress for The Occasion (II)

Hooding and gray skies, damp environment, puddles on the streets, colds … if friends are before a Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 rainy, and while it seems that the time is giving us a truce the parties indicate that will it rain and pretty.

I do not know you but my I love the days of rain and water, so melancholy, so hesitant, a good plan is to stay home and enjoy a good movie, and read a nice book or. Although the reality of the day day will force you to go out, don’t worry, in Mensencia We give you the key more practices to suit your costumes These days.

In the first part of this series did a good review of the Wellis, the quintessential rain boots and you gave good account of different models and versions. Today is time to complete the outfits with the essential umbrella and the rainhats. Do not miss it!

The umbrella

The umbrella is the complement British par excellence, an Englishman without one is like a garden without flowers, which by the way these lands are very flowered already imagine why. Elegant y sophisticated but because they say it a little cumbersome sometimes, many times one doesn’t know where to put them, is the expensive currency cross.

The most thin and elongated enhanced look of a class of infinite if you choose one like that I show you in Burberry, ornate mythical pictures of the House in black and brown tones, with automatic device and handle very resistant at the same time as non-slip. The best of them is that you can take them to the cane When the storm subsides.

The House leather handbags and luggage specialist could not to pass up the occasion, the of Louis Vouitton also opt for the parapluie, long and logged in in black, with wooden handle and camel or very functional the of bag format, folding. There is nothing better that exit ride a rainy day wearing one as these, do not you think?


Who does not remember the film singin’ in the rain?, with scenes so memorable as this image, and there is nothing better than a good complement suit grey with a CAP, if it is raining the best it is to be waterproof in the case that you not carry umbrella.

For many people are passé or passé, but since I want to make my postulate in favor, does not have anything against the umbrella, but the truth is that I’d rather have my hands-free, so many times I have resorted to them.

Besides the legendary models, always format go, we can find in the market fedora hats resistant to water, in the same way borsalinos waterproof , waterproof visors. I you have selected these four that you can buy online through menshats, at a very good price and also available in various colors.

All game

If you are one of those that you decide and not surprised by the way, I have the solution to your problems, House Brooks Brothers specialist in this type of articles, us surprises this season with the versioning of the classics English pictures in a collection specially designed for these days.

As a result the Cap rain game with the umbrella in printed beige. A great option easily combinable and one hundred percent practical in these days of rain and water.