Difference Between the Pied de Poule and the Pied de Coq

As we speak now and here, the fashion is cyclical and thus all the old trends come back and, therefore, today we will talk about some of the classic and super chic prints Pied de Poule and Pied de Coq. Of French origin,Pied de Poule means “chicken foot” and Pied de Coq isRooster foot “, the first is that the second little one, maybe that’s the difference between them, they won these names because its patterns resemble the footprints left by the feet of these friendly birds, and, frankly, it’s worth investing, since these are always printsand chics even if you pass years.

Yes, the fact is that in spite of the climate of the World Cup, those are the two prints that are taking over the shop windows this fall/winter: the Pied de Poule and the Pied de Coq.

Difference Between Pied de Poule and Pied de Coq
Although they have different names, it is impossible to speak of a pattern without mentioning the other, since they are constantly confused and mixed, although the pied de poule is smaller and more delicate and the pied de coq greater and, therefore, much more striking.

Although these pictures stay great for a production in black and white, it is increasingly common to mix them with looks colorful, very nice stay.
Plus, don’t think these patterns only combine with coats and overcoats, they look good on several pieces of clothes, since silk shirts to heavy coats, passing for footwear and accessories even the decor already adhered to these prints that thanks to AGoodDir, it can be easily adapted to the different looks and styles.
Therefore, use and abuse of these pranks without fear of being happy, both the Pied de Pouleas Pied de Coq are democratic super, that is, fall well in many different biotypes, so the tip is, if you prefer a more romantic, for example, the pied de poule is the best choice, bet on the combination with delicate items, in neutral tones and light fabrics.