Different Types of High Waisted Pants

If the most obvious solution is denim, high waist pants has more than one trick in his pocket. Leather pants, you thought? Flax cotton, all options are possible to sublimate your legs. A good reason to choose his pants with attention!

What material for high-waisted pants that shape?

Lovers swear by him, and for good reason: the high waisted pants made sublimated line his specialty. High waisted trousers can hide your stomach, shape your hips and back buttocks. In other words? To benefit from its covered effect, choose a fabric that is rigid enough to provide contour and maintenance. Top of the list, twills and paintings varied, the inevitable leather pants and the high jean waist , complete of 1-2% spandex for comfort.

What material for a season high waist pants?

You love your Tall lightweight cotton pants? Of course, but in the summer! If certain subjects make fun of the seasons, most of them are too thick or too small to fit all temperatures… like all the shoes ! Leather pants works wonders in winter, a fluid silk pants can’t stand in summer…

To choose, take into account the thickness of the fabric and the cut of the pants: more leg is adjusted, circulates less air and more he keeps warm. With some exceptions, so consider leather, velvet, flannel, denim thick and varied winter woolens. Book the lins, light cottons, silks, or synthetic fluids for the summer.

What material for a comfortable high waisted pants?

Regularly raised by the objectors to the high waisted pants, the question deserves his answer: can we really feel good in leather pants, tight to the size and wrapping the stomach? The answer is Yes, as long as you monitor a few details.

Avoid fitted cuts, if the fabric does not stretch. Always try your pants in a sitting position, and banish the buttons that cut the skin. Remember, also, that the high waisted pants is not limited to the slim! Cargo pants or a mom jeans rolled at the ankle, flowing pants or even wool light weight and comfort is assured.

What material for high waist trousers dressed?

Yes, the high waist pants knows how to dress for the evening ! Starting with version elegant Tuxedo or suit pants , if any. Side Tuxedo satin remains a safe bet, unless you opt for a simple cotton brushed, lighter. As the suit pants, everything is permitted, but beware synthetics of poor quality, that pucker and give hot.

An evening connect? If you like material that fly, brush and suggest, the mode will delight you: adopt the trend with a pants size high extra-large in silk, satin and linen legs, emphasizing the lins treated, in order to avoid the wrinkled trousers!