Digital Camera Fall for Hybrids

The year 2014 has been one of hybrid cameras. Despite their still weak sales compared with slrs, these compact cameras with interchangeable lenses have serious assets that attract more and more photographers.

Long moribund, hybrid market seems to finally have found its cruising speed. While sales of compacts are in free fall and slrs are struggling, these compact cameras with interchangeable lenses are the only ones to have seen their sales grow in 2014. It must be said that this sector is particularly dynamic. More than 20 new hybrid models arrived in the rays lately. But if sales take off, it is also because manufacturers were able to change their tune in time. “When the first hybrids appeared, we thought they branding above all holders of compacts looking for a device a bit more sophisticated but not too expensive, remembers a manufacturer.”  We were wrong. We realized that it was actually the most expensive models that sell best. Therefore, manufacturers have increased their effort on the high-end, equipping their autofocus and more powerful processors, devices incorporating larger sensors, developing lines of optics to meet the most demanding photographers complete. And obviously, these efforts are beginning to pay.

High-Performance Devices

Are hybrids provided at the height of the reflex? One after the other, our tests seem to confirm this. Whether at the level of the quality of the image or the scope of the proposed settings, many hybrids were not ashamed of their performance. Among the hybrid models of our test, many are downright equal game with SLR. To the extent that more and more camera manufacturers rely on this market emerging. This is the case of samsung, panasonic and fujifilm. It is also the case of sony and olympus who have recently made the choice to leave the SLR market to start body and soul in that hybrids, which they consider more promising. However, slrs have not said their last word. Their sales are still well above those of hybrids, and it will take time to change habits rooted in decades. In addition, there is no doubt that canon and nikon, which share the juicy market of the DSLR will find parades to prevent these new competitors to win, even if themselves to enter this market. So far, their hybrid models did not really spark.