Do It Yourself!: Dsquared2 Bow Tie

After the success of the first Do it yourself! with the jersey of Burberry Prorsum, the most clueless I recommend that you take a look at the link, return to the fray with the second installment. You know that in this section we show step by step as recreate garments large signatures or imitate the style of designers prestige, always with the premise of the do it yourself and also doing own article putting our personal touch that that is.

In today’s post we will recreate the fantastic bow tie last collection Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 the Canadian brothers Dsquared2, that you are reaping so successful these past few months. A parade with a spectacular staging inspired by the streets, vandalism, the night scene, always from the point of view a very trendy that also sexy. Prepare paper and pencil that we started.


You list the materials that we will need for our creation:

  • First one bow tie
  • Beads, Tupi, crystals and other decorations to suit the consumer
  • Scissors, thread, needle, thimble, a good will Kit of sewing, I recommend you do one for future work.

And above all patience, as they say it is the mother of creation science and.

Bow tie

There are several types of bow ties, something that we will now develop on another occasion, for this time and due to the work to be performed will choose by the knotted (with the knot made) or of loop (to make the knot). You have chosen four different options all them with Silhouette Butterfly, the most classic topas and regular size size. The first two are made-up black in 100% silk knotted or without it, as.

It occurs to me that we can versioning the idea with a color very season as the Garnet u opt for a bow tie biciolor red & black very in tune with the theme and color of the show. All you can buy them online at soloIO, the Spanish factory in Italy with the best materials and an excellent House for money. These in particular cost around €25.

Tupis in colors

The Tupi o crystals Swarovski colors are utilizadisimos as an ornamental element, we can find these stones of great brilliance on the market in hundreds of ways, manufactured in glass or synthetic materials, and a wide variety flat, opaque, satin, matte colours.

I have selected you to that you see in the image, in different shapes and sizes but respecting the following color combination; Black, gray, white, silver, transparent and a touch of pink (for which elijais the bow ties with red tones). Approximate prices vary, the largest can range from 0, 20-0, €50 the unit, they can be buy by packs or dozen specialized vilene.

Assorted beads

Accounts, cylinders, Pearl, Strass in the variety this taste, and is that these small pieces will be your great allies in the world of the customization. For Dsquared2 bow tie I have selected this box with six different models bead shaped pyramidal or conical, spherical and tubular in transparent and black. A case like this you can go for €10, price sure you amortizarás soon.

To sew

It is time to get down to work, select the stones or Tupi and sew them, It is important to choose a strong thread in black if you can be light brightness to make it not stand out more than the satin fabric, there are also transparent threads for sewing translucent stones.

Once sewn the Tupi complete with beads and perform the same operation. Uses thimble and gives strong stitches but at the same time delicate such materials are very sensitive and can create a dreaded race, similar to the stockings girls. There are also Special adhesives for this type of clothing, although by my personal experience where East a good sewing.

With a little skill and patience you can create your bow to the purest style Dsquared2 with a total price approximate of 35€, a fun creation suitable gift and of course for personal enjoyment.

Because you style is your own: Do it yourself!