Do It Yourself!: The Jersey Military of Burberry Prorsum

With these times that run in which we must look to the last cent, it is good to make our purchases in the orderly manner possible, review our wardrobe before we go to spend like crazy, be Shopaholic No It is, or what is the same thing be addicted to impulse buying normally insustacial and impractical, is demode. As advice if you see that you must buy things that then you don’t wear, breaks all your visas, least that of debit, you Pocket will thank.

It is essential to see the needs of our wardrobe and trying to get the key items – basic functional sprinkled with some article more trendy – that better define us and favor, not to mention getting a good relationship quality price.


All this to tell you that this post and the future that come in the same vein, I propose create our own garments maximum trend at very good prices, how? because doing it ourselves, that Yes, inspired by the great maisones and designers more (implementers of trends) trensetters, which are for that and also much admired. The first proposal of Do it yourself! It’s him Jersey military-inspired from Burberry Prorsum by Chisthopher Bailey, a collection as discussed great.


The Jersey

Materials you need: about buttons, needle, thread, scissors, and of course a Navy Blue Jersey the closest thing, or not, for tastes the colors and shapes. I have found this first of Lyle & Scott quite similar, round neck, made of 100% wool with mini – and Virgin logo House, a small embroidered Eagle on the front right thread blue and black (€80).

If you prefer a lighter shade and invest less money, a very interesting option is the third, with the same cut in a lighter blue, made of 100% merino shade of ASOs (25 €). It may be interesting versioning the idea with a turtle neck sweater Canale as the second, of Jack & Jones, 100% cotton (€60).

The buttons

The buttons are also at your option, the legendary English House are old gold and they have engraved emblem. I propose you following the line of military inspired military parade this batch of twenty buttons in gold & silver of different sizes decorated with emblems y symbology purely Army.

This in addition to being vintage, are a selection of buttons dating from the Victorian era the 80 ’ s, from actual uniforms of the Army of the United Kingdom, the pack of 20 units out to €8 and can buy it at Steptoes Dog online.

Much more authentic, if I allow the comment as the originals, with permission of Chris. You can also find this type of antique buttons or aged appearance In haberdashery or shops specialised, even some department stores are equipped with a sewing Department.

To sew

Now that we have the buttons only have to choose where we are going to put, if you want that your Jersey looks like the Burberry, must place them on the shoulders, making shape of shoulder and ready to sew, it is important to test all before overlapping to view the image, a fact dez, if the result we like to sew.

Choose a strong thread, since this type of buttons are heavier than normal and you have to do several stitches to each. With a bit of mana, patience and good taste we can create our own clothing fashion, in addition to suit our own taste and personal style. Because you style is your own: Do it yourself!.

Note: Prices are approximate, are supported suggestions for the next creations.