Docking Station: Klipsch G-17 Air in the Test

The Klipsch G-17 air relies on the proven Horn loudspeaker technology of his big brothers. The test shows how it sounds in a docking station.

The American manufacturer of Klipsch speakers are highly regarded in hifidelen circles. Maybe it’s her blenn structure with horns, which makes those particular charm, with the Klipsch differentiates itself from the masses. Therefore, this design feature is consistently continued: what was already in the legendary Klipschorn, finds himself (in revised form) in the more modern boxing series. And also friends of small-sized Hi-Fi technology as well as Apple fans can look forward: there were only conventional docks for iPod & co of Klipsch, recently presented the G-17 air engineers from Arkansas. In Klipsch manner take two small aluminum-diaphragm compression driver, embedded in a squirrel dress to the tweeter.

Take the low-midrange two 2.5 inch woofer with the additional help of a reflex system. The opening of the pipe flows on the left side of the device: it can set up the dock not only by foot, but also on the wall. Opposite, the knobs are located to control the G-17, if the supplied remote control is just not at hand. A dress range part of the front of the black high-gloss Housing. Wie indicating name of ‘Air’ on request, understands the Klipsch dock Apple’s wireless transmission protocol AirPlay. Music can be so via iPhone, iPod or iPad, but also from a computer (PC/Mac) with iTunes program installed at your fingertips stream – if there is a functioning Wi-FI network.

Alternatively, a rear Mini Jack input processes analog signals, and a USB-In digital from an iPod. Sound played the Klipsch calm and soft, sounded but comparatively middle and Engorgement.