Downloads Are Not Everything: Pokemon Go Stays Behind in The Top of Apps by Income

If anyone has the patience necessary to count the number of games that are on Google Play, probably held the marriage of diamond before the end, and that having not appear new titles for Android. Today There are for all tastes and ages, whenever not using the touch screen or adapt a remote amount you.

Despite the enormous quantity of games that are on our favorite operating system, only a few are able to achieve success both in downloads and revenue. Pokemon Go is one of the games that have come to that success, but, although he has become the most downloaded game from last year, It is not that has generated more revenue.

A detail that confirms that mobile games are on the rise is the amount of revenue generated during the fourth quarter of last year according to the signature Sensor Tower, which would reach the sum of 7,500 million, much more than the same quarter of the previous year, which added a total of 4,400 billion dollars.

Pokemon Go as a leader in 2016 downloads…

Among the games on Android competition is fierce, fighting all developers get the greater amount of downloads. As veteran games as Candy Crush Saga they are still in the top 10, but it has been surpassed by other titles such as the addictive, Piano 2 Tiles or My Talking Tom.

But the game that stays with the leadership on downloads is one more recent, Pokemon Go, that was a brutal ‘boom’ as soon as it became Google Play. He has far exceeded games as popular as Clash of Clans or Clash Royale in addition to those listed. The second place is it is an endless’ runner’, Subway Surfers.

In the lower drawer of the podium is the music game Piano 2 Tiles, While Traffic Rider, the game in which you must avoid your bike to other vehicles, closes the classification of the 10 most downloaded games on Android last year.

In terms of aggregate data (left in the screenshot), Pokemon Go maintains its leadership Thanks to that in iOS also occupies first place above Super Mario Run. However, the rest of the ranking is something changed, climbing to the second Piano 2 Tiles, but we see that both operating systems have some points in common.

… but not in revenue

The amount of downloads, although help, is not what will ensure the greatest amount of revenue. Pokemon Go, while it is the most downloaded game of last year, has to settle for a pretty Honorable third place, overcome by Clans Clash in second place and, as a leader, Monster Strike that, curiosities of life, it is not in the ranking of most downloaded games.

Behind this trio of games only see to Candy Crush Saga as title which is also found in the ‘top 10’ of downloads, even if we see some very known as Clash Royale or Mobile Strike that also have fairly generous income. Summoners War closes the list, on this occasion,.

In terms of aggregate data (again on the left in the screenshot), Monster Strike governs the classification with iron fist, leaving Pokemon Go relegated to the fifth puestom below Mobile Strike, Game of War and Clash of Clans, in addition to the mentioned Monster Strike.

Both the list of downloads in the revenue, we see exclusively (or almost) games that can be run on any mobile without problems and that, moreover, not often do you spend too much time glued to the mobile. Perhaps this serves to the developers of future titles, but without forgetting those demanding of resources to take advantage of the power of smartphones and tablets of high-end.