Dr Hauschka Foundation Makeup

More and more women are choosing cosmetic eco-bio-compatible, because they do well not only the environment but also for your health. Just like Dr. Haushcka Foundation, a foundation of multiple healing and rejuvenating properties.

Taking care of your face and body in a natural way is a choice shared by an increasing number of women. The cosmetics eco-bio-compatible, in fact, do well not only to the environment, because they sustainably produced, but also to health, by virtue of formulations based on quality ingredients and without chemical-synthetic emulsifiers.

Industry pioneer since 1935, Dr. Hauschka, logo WALA Heilmittel GmbH, is a true landmark of the natural cosmetics and offers a rich variety of preparations and treatments dedicated to beauty and well-being, such as the new Foundation Dr. Hauschka.

Foundation Dr. Hauschka: natural ingredients for perfect skin

Dr. Hauschka Foundation is a foundation that “spoils” the skin. His secret? A formula based on extracts of medicinal plants selected and precious vegetable oils, with healing and regenerating properties.

In the composition of the Foundation Dr. Hauschka are in fact the ‘essence of pomegranate, which deeply hydrates the epidermis, the’ Macadamia nut oil, antioxidant effect smoothing and illuminating, and coconut oil, which gives ” a velvety softness ”

A mix of high quality ingredients-to maintain the concentration of water and vitality of the pomegranate, for example, the fruit is processed whole, with the peel-that attenuates irregularities and redness and gives ” a rich opacity of vitality”, also thanks the five natural shades in which you declined Foundation Dr. Hauschka: Macadamia 01, Almond 02, 03 Chestnut, 04 and 05 Hazelnut Nutmeg.

It characterized by a light texture, which can be applied with your fingers for a natural result or with the sponge and brush for an opaque effect and targeted action, and a fresh and delicate fragrance, which is built around the essential oils of neroli and frangipani, Foundation Dr. Hauscka will be available from February 2015 at a price of 25 euro. Good reason-for those who had not yet done – to visit the first and the only moment flagship store Dr. Hauschka in Italy, ” a poetic space, intimacy and well-being” open from September 2013 Via Abbadesse 20 in Milan.

“From Nature to the Man”: the quality Dr. Hauschka

What to look for a woman in a cosmetic? If the effectiveness continues to be in first place, the quality or, better said, the composition, rapidly gaining positions. Because that a product ‘functions’ is no longer enough: it is equally important that it is now free of chemical ingredients and / or synthesis of potentially harmful for the health. In this way, preparations Dr. Hauschka are made ​​with a process that combines ” the manual labor to high-precision technique, the natural rhythms of the automated systems “and certified organic BDIH and NATRUE.

This means that all cosmetic Dr. Hauschka-Foundation including Dr. Hauschka-are produced from ingredients from bio-dynamic Demeter certified or controlled biological cultivation, “combined to create articulated compositions that are more than the sum of their parts.”

In addition, when an ingredient is not present on the world market as bio, Dr. Hauschka is active in person to give way to organic farming projects: an activity that along with several collaborations worldwide with local farmer cooperatives (for example in Burkina Faso for shea butter, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Iran to the damask rose and India for castor oil and mango butter) has as a secondary outcome to heal the Earth and to preserve it future generations.