Dresses, A Must For The Summer

They are comfortable, light, fresh, feminine, elegant and versatile (serving as both a ‘look’ of the day and night).

Dresses as described in topbbacolleges left them reasons to be the pledge of the summer. In addition, your choice avoids headaches facing the Cabinet, since being a part quickly solve a styling. Only have to pair them with appropriate accessories: maxi Wire necklaces (precious in the latest collection of Bimba and Lola), pieces of metallic finish (highly recommended for example to go out to dinner and get a point of sophistication) or inspired marina (see anchors, details of coral or sea stars, full trend this season). SUR Thursday deployed the urban catwalk to sign the dresses favored by malagueñas. The conclusion? ‘The street style’ of the City opts for models short, single color, collar box and straight lines.
Straight lines are a success because they conceal and Stylize.Another who favors and who is super fashionable cut is the peplum (with frills and layers superimposed to the waist) and finishes in tail hem skirt (with tail, shorter at the front). In terms of colors, white is a must. Like the proposal of halftime in pink Ibanez, topped with openwork lace, ideal to enhance the moreno. To go to the office, Josefina Sánchez opts for a nice model seal ‘lady’ with flight Raspberry. Sonia Ruby choose an operating-room green dress with pin-tuck Bustier that notch with a gem belt whileAna García -defying bad luck with a yellow ‘look’.

Pin tuck and jewel belt, a success

Sonia Ruby. Professor. 32 years old

The small details are those who end up doing special clothing. In the case of dress carrying Sonia Rubí, a 32-year-old Malaga teacher, put the touch the pin tuck of the Plastron, which become protagonists of a simple model in Green Theatre of straight lines and neck to the box. To notch it, Sonia uses a beautiful jewel belt, which manages to enhance your silhouette. Complete the ‘look’ with heels taupe color and a small bag Chanel shoulder bag type.«I like fashion and above all the dresses for daily. I don’t have a very defined style, since change much depending on how I feel”, stands out.

Dress: Sfera

Belt: Sfera

Shoes: Bought in Vélez-Málaga

Bag: Also of Vélez-Málaga (not remember store name)

Glasses: Ray-Ban

White: the color star season

Pink Ibanez. Housewife. 58 years old

If there is a color that feels good, be cool and help enhance the moreno that is white. Color the summer star returns to the load this season, which is again a must-it. Short, long, with a tail, ruffled are… Rosa Ibáñez, a very ‘fashion’ housekeeper, carries a lightweight model of halftime in sleeve to elbow (ideal for those days with mist that still want to cover a bit). «I love the white because it conceals the kilillos more and feel phenomenal», he says.Complete her ‘outfit’ with a few ballerinas in green and silver and a bag, taupe color, with maxi detail the skull of crystals, super rocker-chic!

Dress: Zara

Sweater: H & M

Sandals: Antonio Parriego

Bag: Pinsapo

Bracelets: Tous and purchased in Istanbul

Glasses: Ray-Ban

Straight lines, a cut that stylized

Ana Garcia. Nurse. 60 years

Ana García, a stylish 60-year-old nurse, defying bad luck with a cheerful yellow dress short neck and straight lines very flattering. We like your bet of mix it with green accessories (ballerinas braided with bare fingers and kind of Fun & Basic Briefcase bag), that contrast and give more strength to this ‘look’ urban and casual at the same time sophisticated and simple. Very successful also round pasta glasses in Bordeaux, which give a touch of youthful and casual styling.

Dress: Tintoretto

Shoes: Uterqüe

Bag: Fun & Basic

Watch: Swatch

A ‘look’ ‘lady’ to go to the office

Josefina Sanchez. Real estate consultant. 38 years

For an intense day of appointments and meetings, Josefina Sánchez, a real estate consultant choose a sophisticated short model in a flattering shade of pink Raspberry. This dress, ‘lady’ seal cutting, belted at the waist, like neck to box, mini zippers on the top and finish in flying skirt. “Dresses and shorts are a garment basic in my closet this season because they are comfortable, fresh and pretty dresses,” says this malagueña by 38 years. In your case, combined with a high-heeled sandals in Earth with front lacing maxi tone.”Today I’m going very formal and designer clothes, but normally I am more on the cheap, says Josefina.

Dress: Ted Baker (for El Corte Ingles)

Sandals: Pura Lopez

Glasses: Vogue

Bag: Carolina Herrera