Dropbox Increases Paid Plan Capacity of 1 Terabyte

The CEO Drew Houston went on to say publicly that there would be changes, but had no way: While Dropbox is reference data storage in the cloud, apparently aggressive pricing of Google Drive and onedrive “forced” the company to update your plan paid on Wednesday (27).

Dropbox Pro still costs $ 9.99 per month but now offers 1TB of space (or 1000 GB, as the company says in its statement ). The available storage capacity before the change was 100 GB.

In addition to having expanded the scope of paid mode, Dropbox announced small but interesting features. One is the ability to remotely delete the service data on a lost or stolen device – the account continues to function normally, only this equipment no longer have access to it, it is worth mentioning.

Another novelty is the sharing options. Now you can set a password for shared links and set an expiration time – a day, a week or a specific date. You can also disable downloads and give permission to display only in shared folders.

But the most interesting news is even increasing storage space. Although delayed decision is required, given the competitiveness of the segment. The onedrive, for example, offers plans 100GB and 200GB for $ 1.99 and $ 3.99, respectively. The option 1TB exists here, but for those subscriber Office 365.

Regarding Google, 100GB of Drive costs $ 1.99 per month, while the 1 TB plan also goes for $ 9.99.

In general, Drive and onedrive still taking advantage with respect to the amount of plans. The free options of both are also more generous, offering 15 GB of space.

Dropbox remains offering only 2GB for free, but does not share this ability with other services and facilitates expansion with bonus by indication and other actions by the user.

As it turns out, the competition in the segment was much more balanced. It will be up to the user, therefore, analyze the ecosystem of each service to decide which one to use regularly.

If you are already a Dropbox Pro subscriber, you need only wait. The company promises to update all accounts automatically in the coming days.