Ericsson Boss: Sales Are Nokia Is a Great Loss for the Nordic Countries

The ceo of Ericsson believes that sales of Nokia’s Mobile Division is a great loss for the whole of the Nordic region.

Nokia’s sales of their mobile Division to u.s. Microsoft is a big loss for the Nordic region. It considers ceo, Hans Vestberg, from the Swedish Ericsson. It writes our site.

-“There has long been a strong Telecom cluster in the region, and it is clear that when it becomes weaker, then it’s not good for us. Nokia and Ericsson has been an important part of the ecosystem in the world, where Nokia was greatest on phones, and Ericsson was greatest on infrastructure. It is an important part in a world with seven billion mobile subscriptions. We do not know what plans Nokia has in the future, but it is not good if it weakens, “said Hans Vestberg to Svenska Dagbladet.

The deal is not yet approved – here the 19. November is the Nokia’s shareholders, who must give their acceptance of the sale.

But the Nokia brand is expected then that disappear into the Microsoft’s big universe.