Express Makeup Course Step By Step

Each woman is Unique

Any woman wants to be prettier when you use makeup but I’m afraid, my dear friend, that not all succeed. Some are exceeded and approaching a Carnival makeup or fail to combine good eye and lip makeup or the makeup and hairstyle. Others rather than disguise their weaknesses, highlight them or are so afraid of the bases and solid tones who only dare to wear a look ‘not make up’ for fear to feel strange.

Because the truth is to know how to apply makeup correctly does know how to use cosmetics and colors but earlier, much earlier, it was necessary to learn how to look in the mirror. No, no, don’t believe that we all have learned that lesson. Let’s review the 3 questions you must do yourself to learn how to make up an express step by step makeup course. Because the features of your face are unique, it is good that your style of makeup is also like what is described on PaulDigo.

3 Key Questions

  1. Do you like more of your face? You smile? Your high cheekbones? You gladly look? Your eyelashes? The luminosity of your skin? Choose a quality.
  2. Would say that there is something that you would like to hide in your face? Doyou have acne, enlarged pores, any scars? Are your eyes too close? Now have you completed some years and you want to look younger? Do you think that your lips are too thin ??

It is time that you choose a positive quality and other negative (if any) because you are going to work on this double objective: highlight the positive and mitigate what you like less than your face.

It is important to put the emphasis on what you see and not what others say about you because it is important that you see yourself well and using makeup that all tools we have at home.

  1. And the third question you have to ask yourself looking in the mirror before you jump to take the brushes is: here and now do have the skin perfectly clean and hydrated? If it isn’t, start out there because otherwise the result will be much less flattering. If you are tired by the tests or by overwork, you can resort to a mask or a cream blur or, even better, if you can, sleep a little NAP of 15 minutes. There’s nothing like rest to be prettier.

Objective: perfect skin


You want to highlight what you want to highlight is important that divide of a uniform and perfect skin.


Start by applying a base of make-up fluid the color of your skin. It is important that you not oscurezcas color, so you will have to possibly having a tone for summer and one for winter. When you buy it, try it on your Chin to compare the color and not in the back of the hand: hence the color of the skin can vary from face.


Take your time to work on it with a good tool (brush or sponge) Although it is not no sin to use fingers. And don’t forget the neck and ears! (when a woman used a base to reduce redness, for example, always he betrays that area). The make-up bar and primers are only recommended for evening or special days in which the makeup must be flawless more than 8 hours, but not for every day. And forget the contouring and similar techniques that demand true mastery of makeup.


If you want to hide your dark circles or any imperfection, apply a corrector in that area and work it well with your fingers. Usually we spend little time to get the product penetrate into the skin and the edges that make it visible dilute.


Ponte a tissue on the face and press, by areas, to collect the excess of base if any. Then seal the pores by applying a layer of translucent powder to avoid glare, unless you have very dry skin and that do not pass you never.


A look with charm


Highlight your eyes? Your eyelashes? The almond shape of your eyes? Or, on the contrary, want to correct them? In the latter case I recommend articles already published on together, separated, fallen or ‘Googly’ eyes. I should look no makeup concealer if open, enliven and emphasize the charm of your eyes I will tell you something very important that you should not forget: that get over your eyebrows and lashes to your eyelid.

Eyebrows seem to me the most important element of a face. Of them depends on the gesture of the face, the expression, harmony rather than of any other element. Why it is so important to not let you epilate you the eyebrows either and that you are more restrained and retracted when retouching that risky. Here I tell you how to get perfect eyebrows take.


And your eyes look bright and process passes by curly and thick eyelashes (that is more important than long). I recommend that you always use a good black mask that try and take care of the lashes, insisting on the base of the eyelashes (and make no mistake, Vaseline does not care the tabs or makes them grow).


Now Yes. We arrived at the eyelids. I recommend that you choose a makeup for the day, as in a nude color neutral, but applied with a pair of shades to highlight without masking. And night is applied to block black, but this is a recommended makeup for eyes almond is forbidden for small eyes or sad looks.


For no risk you can use a violet, pink and even the lands are also suitable for the night. The difference is that charging more the amount of mask and eyeliner.


About eyeliner: If you use it on the upper lashes not you take a chance and if you want to use an eyeliner with a French chic style, uses very little shadow dark nude on the outside of the eyelid. In both cases, the more stick it to the birth of the eyelash line, more flattering you see, because your lashes appear thicker.


Boast of beautiful lips


Do you have beautiful lips? Highlight your smile? Or do you want to hide a few thin lips? When you want to highlight your lips there is an option that always wins: team up to red in any of their ranges. To the Red geranium if your skin is very pale, red Burgundy or plum if you tend to pink because it has sparkles blue, to any tone if you are black or brown. They are more feminine colors and which suit best, provided that the skin is well hydrated (not have pielecitas) and your lips are not very fine.


If you have thin lips you have prohibited the intense colors, and on the contrary, can choose a nice pink stick or a toasted sand or iridescent shine. If you apply a touch of brightness in the central area of the lips they will look thicker.


In the event that you do not feel comfortable with the red, you can opt for a nude or pink if it is summer but I do not recommend neither the dark Browns and oranges because not feel most well.


Rosy cheeks

Your cheekbones high and lush give volume to your face? A flat face is always less graceful than one in which emphasize curves. And although it is strange that any woman – sortuda! – choose to highlight your cheekbones exclusively, it is understandable that don’t want to miss the opportunity to highlight some ‘apples’ high and rounded. If this is your case, apply an amount generous blush on a peach tone, making movements rounded on the bone, from right to left and raising it slightly more in the area closest to the ear.


If, on the contrary, have some cheek with little expression and would like it seems to have more, read this article where I teach you how to get it. Or if you think that your face would need to be thinner in the cheek area click here.


If you also want to give you color nails after a good manicure, go ahead. That point will be added to any of the strategies of makeup you’ve chosen.