Eye Make-Up: Tips for the Perfect Look for Any Occasion

The eyes are the central point of the face to which other people pay particular attention. Not only in the evening flirtation at the bar, but also in everyday life can a beautiful eye make-up enhance the sympathy. This, however, only works if the make-up is carefully applied and designed according to the occasion.

From the first brush stroke to removing make-up before going to bed, there are some important things to consider about eye make-up.

The eye make-up routine

Already in the morning shortly after getting up, most people find themselves in the bathroom in front of the mirror. Tooth brushing, facial washing, styling and a fitting make-up are part of the everyday beauty routine of many women. The fact that a very large number of women puts on eye make-up value, shows a survey. Here women were asked if they had an eye make-up within the last week. After all, 16.15 million women responded with “yes” in 2016. Four years ago this figure was significantly lower with 15.25 million women.

Even subtle eye make-up intensifies the view

To make the make-up around the eyes look as nice as possible, it needs a plan. Not only the selection of the right products is important here, as the procedure also determines how durable and handsome the final result is. Perfumery with personality recommends with regard to the durability applying an eyeshadow base after priming with a Foundation. This is usually colorless, but it ensures that the later applied eyeshadow does not evaporate too quickly again.

In general, the design of the eye make-up from light tones to darker nuances to work. Therefore, a light primer is first applied and delicately blurred in the area under the eyebrows. Under the eyebrows, a highlighter can also be used. It reflects the light and opens the view. Only when the bright colors have been applied can darker shading be placed. Particularly popular here is the emphasis on the angle of the eye and the fold of the eyelids with a matching eyeshadow.

All eye shadow products should also be gently veneered to avoid hard contours. The delicate blurring and blurring of the colors blends in each other and creates a smooth look. Only when this step has been completed do eyelids, artificial eyelashes and mascara come into play.

Eye make-up styles

As many occasions as there are occasions for wearing an eye make-up, the styles and expressions are so diverse. Ordinary everyday make-up may be much more subtle and easier in this context, in order not to appear unplaced. This is different when it comes to celebrations and nightlife. It is also a bit more glamorous. Often, this is also reflected in the design of the hairstyle. A beautiful evening hairstyle completes a festive eye makeup from optimal.

Basically, there are several ways to design the eye make-up. Known terms are here:

  • Smokey Eyes,
    • Cat-Eyes
    • and nude look.

The nude look is especially suitable for everyday life, because it is set on discreet skin tones and a fine shimmer. If it is to be glamorous in everyday life, the Nude Look can be combined with an eyelid. Smokey-Eyes and Cat Eyes are much darker. Also the eyelashes here are much more strongly tuscht and under certain circumstances also with artificial härchen densified and lengthened.

The eyeliner is considered the king’s discipline, which connects most eye make-up styles. Whether with or without “wings” on the outsides: It should be regular, harmonious and in no way too thick. Many women, however, are desperate for regular application of the eyeliner, since a lot of fingertip sensation and experience are required. Some tips about the eyeliner can be found in the video.

At the end of the day, make a proper make-up

The facial skin is particularly sensitive. This can be seen even in the case of slight changes in weather and in the form of foul, reddened parts, greasy parts, pimples and blackheads. No wonder this area of ​​the body needs a very gentle care. In any case, this also includes daily make-up removal. It does not matter whether the eye make-up was very striking or rather discreet. Eyeshadow. Mascara and all other products must be removed before going to bed to avoid damage to the skin and eyelashes.

Make-up removal should not be done under the shower

Just removing mascara is an important step and should be done accordingly carefully. If this does not happen, the mascara can provide clogging and irritation in the area of ​​the hair follicles. Itching, reddened and thickened spots are the result. Also, lashes are much easier to remove under the influence of mascara. The involuntary movements at night promote this effect, so that long and dense eyelashes leave little after a while without make-up removal.

It does not even need expensive special agents to remove water-proof products. Our site called baby oil as a cost-saving alternative. It soaks the water-resistant make-up and facilitates the gentle stripping with cosmetic cloths or cotton pads. Excess baby oil should be removed after cleansing with a cleansing product to prevent clogging of the pores.

Make-up removal is also not a task that should be done under the shower. As dermatologists have stated, the shower water is often too hot for the facial skin and can damage it. It is better to remove the make-up before showering with a sponge or washcloth and lukewarm water at the sink.