Eyebrows All Celebrities Want to Have

As is the case with the trends in hair, nails and even into tabs that, season after season, are renewed, fashion in eyebrows also it is changing and very much with the passage of time, as incredible as it may seem to us.
Specifically, this season they are succeeding in new the so-calledeyebrows messy, ornamental despeinadas and little job, whose greatest exponent is the model face Delevingne. This effect is achieved by combing them against the grain with some product that fix them.

Another technique that return with force is smokey, a type of makeup pencil and powder to make eyebrows thicker and natural. Just as we do to make our eyes, smokey technique is also used for shaping eyebrows; to define the arc and make them look thicker and natural way, being Emma Watson, Sofía Vergara or Alessandra Ambrosio some of its most ardent defenders. If we assume lack of hair on them, it doesn’t matter; with the help of a good pencil and powder to highlight, we can follow the line that goes from the beginning at the end, filling out there where we see one or several bald spots.

Both eyebrow messy as the smokey have something in common, that raze among celebrities around the world, from the great figures of the cinema as Angelina Jolie to the top and it girls listed, if Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner.

The truth is that look a few eyebrows-populated and well defined help facial, gestural expressiveness and also the look,to the point of being our main mark of identity, as in face Delevingne, an icon of fashion thanks to its eyebrows messy: masculine, rugged and marked.

And you, do you are more Messy or Smokey?