Facebook Application for Android is Faster

Good news for owners of smartphones Android: the application Facebook yesterday received a major update and is considerably faster than the previous version. The application interface remains pretty much the same, but much of the code has been rewritten and optimized for Android, as well as with the iOS version in August.

The previous version of Facebook for Android was a hybrid between native code and HTML5, which saved time during application development but left the very bad performance. Now he is completely done in native Android code. In practice, this means that the load will be faster and various information will be stored in the device memory instead of being downloaded from the internet, improving fluidity.

The post on the Facebook development blog explains the technical details what has changed. The news feed, now in native code, displays real – time a small strip at the top when there are new stories. Comments on posts and photos will also carry more quickly and should consume less device memory.

The update to Facebook for Android 2.0 is now available on Google Play. We tested here and the performance has greatly improved over the previous version, but there was no way worse. It seems that such punishment of employees work very well.