Facebook Gets Scanned Pages and Profiles

Now you can find out quickly if a Facebook page is authentic. The social network announced today that will put a check icon beside the name of celebrities and important companies. This is the same feature that is present on Twitter for years and to remember those old starlets of Orkut.

The check will be available to “a small group of important people with large audience”, including celebrities, journalists and government officials, as well as popular brands and companies. It applies to both pages and individual profiles. The mark appears in the timeline, searches and various other parts of Facebook.

This icon is important because, as Facebook is growing every day, it is normal for fake pages are created. A few months ago, we saw a fever pages that passed by large companies, “sorteavam” smartphones and other gadgets with the story that they were “without the outer skin of the box” and reached a huge audience. One of the fake pages of Samsung surpassed 50,000 subscribers.

Apparently, Facebook itself will analyze the profiles and pages of social networking to decide who will win the stamp of authenticity – a specific page has not been disclosed to request verification. Facebook reminds us that if someone is trying to impersonate you, you can report the account as false with just a few clicks.