Facebook-Record: When Billion Milestone

The social media giant sets record. A billion users logged in on the same day.

There was extra bustle in Facebook’s server space this week. The other had over a billion users as in on the popular social network.

It is a new record, and an important milestone for the company that counts up to one-and-half a billion users. A holding as co-founder and ceo, Mark Zuckerberg, considers as a step on the way to connect Earth’s 7 billion inhabitants.

This is the first time we pass the milestone, but it is only the first step on the journey to connect all humanity” writes the founder-in a Facebook update.

In Denmark Facebook has over 3 million users.

Facebook milestones through time

It is thus the last milestone through Facebook’s 11 year history, below you can see Facebook’s 10 biggest news since the company Foundation.

March 2004: Facebook founded by Zuckerberg
September 2006: Was open to anyone over 13 years
February 2009: Like-button was to
June 2009: Facebook Overtakes MySpace and will be the world’s largest social media
September 2009: First positive accounting
February 2012: company becomes publicly traded.
April 2012: Buy Instagram for 1 billion USD
October 2012: rounds a billion users
February 2014: Buy Whatsapp for 19 billion USD
July 2015: 1.49 billion users had