Facebook Requires Some Users to Change the Password after Attack on Adobe’s Servers

Remember the invasion of the Adobe network, which allowed the leakage of parts of codes of enterprise software and illegal access to sensitive information of millions of customers? The failure had nothing to do with Facebook, but the Krebs On Security states that the social network has taken a security measure: who uses the same email and combining the two services are receiving a message demanding the return of the password.

How Facebook knows you use the same email and password in the two services? It’s simple: a 3.8 GB file that circulated on the Internet recently had more than 150 million user names and password hashes obtained from the server Adobe. Facebook can match the data leaked file with the database information from the social network and then verify that the information is the same. If the message is displayed.

“Recently, there was a security incident in another unrelated to the Facebook site. Facebook was not directly affected by the incident, but your Facebook account is at risk because you were using the same password in both locations, “says the message. In addition to requiring the user to change the password, Facebook displays additional security questions to verify that access was not made by someone malicious.

Users affected by the attack have their passwords reset by Adobe. LastPass has created a tool to check if you had your leaked information, please visit this page and enter your email address.