Fall Trends 2016: the Dance of Summer and Fall Jewelry

Summer jewelery is brilliant and one of the most attractive things of 2016 and, thankfully, it will also be a trend for autumn 2016. So, the accessories you bought for the hottest season of the year, you will not have to keep them in a safe , You will be able to continue using them. And then you will realize that the trends of autumn 2016 will be very popular.


There should be necklaces as described in accessory types with metal and crystals around the neck, as in the latest Balmain collection, or fine dark necklaces, tattoo style chokers (Oscar de la Renta) or the best style of the 90’s. Chokers for autumn 2016 could be embroidered With stones, pearls and Swarovski crystals.And the necklaces will be made with any precious metal, fabrics and leather.

In addition, stylists advise paying attention to delicate skin chokers.

Furs in jewelry is one of the most striking things for the trends of autumn 2016. Click to tweet.

So the summer chokers will continue to be a trend for the fall season.

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Floral motifs:

The minimalist necklaces with floral motifs correctly express the mood of the summer.Such necklaces have to be absolutely small, decorated with floral motifs and combined with ethnic style clothing.

The floral collars for autumn 2016 trends will be replaced by various types of dragonflies, butterflies and all kinds of insects.

Gold and its imitation:

Fine strings and gold pendants can be left in the past.

By Fall 2016, designers tend to create more original variations of pendants. It is optional to use a chain, designers recommend a long leather chain or a thread entanglement .And decorate them with fangs, medallions, pottery or large stones with a frame or without it.

It may be very simple, but you can try to use some complicated knots.

And what about gold?

In the spring season the pieces of silver will be very fashionable. Click for a tweet.


For the summer of 2016, the most popular model for earrings will have large circular shape and decorations for all tastes.

The trends for autumn 2016 will be versatile, suitable for the style of the street and the office .

During the winter the most popular earrings were of various shapes and during spring they were circular hoops. For the summer season there is a new trend and is wearing several earrings. Some of them will have different details , while others come from different styles: Colored earrings, with different geometric details and with different patterns.

The fashion of wearing a single earring is also maintained, but this earring should be Cuff style.

Also, it should be noted that all earrings for Autumn 2016 will be subordinated to the punk culture.

The cuff earrings will be used not only as fake ear jewelry.

In the fall season they will be larger and several of their parts can be used as hair accessories. And they can also be used as nose piercing.


30’s style pearls will be even more unusual – they will have floral arrangements or very large geometric shapes.

The pearl necklaces will be used for the trends of autumn 2016. Click for tuitear.

The layered necklaces made with pearls and imitations, will be a crunch for the fall season.

From the summer season you can also wear necklaces with shiny pearls with rough stones.

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Elegant bracelets and leg bracelets will make the autumn cold and rainy, have a hot mood.

In the upcoming fall trends of 2016, the bracelets will have a minimalist and elegant style that will finely adorn the female doll.

Especially will be used those that have old style: Indian, Turkish, Greek .They will also include bracelets with crystals and small chains of threads with pearls.

I recommend using more than one bracelet and wear them over the sleeves or gloves.


As for the rings, they will have a boho style with gold, stones, pearls and crystals.
The main objective is to have unusual geometric shapes, as in summer.Before it had been a trend for months to use several delicate rings for 4 or 5 fingers, but now they should no longer be used, as some models will be large size and if, they will be used on all the fingers as well.

Several rings can be combined perfectly with delicate bracelets.


The brooches were very popular during this winter, especially when they began to wear on the hem of the skirt.For this summer season reborn the theme of the brooches.

Volumetric Brooches with unusual designs , is a success among the accessories of the last seasons, and of course it will be very popular in 2016 for the autumn trends.