Fashion Boots for Summer

Who said that during the summer you have to wear only shoes? Here is a selection of summer boots 2016

Shoes, high-heeled sndals, sports and, surprisingly, even the boots. Yes, there are some summer boots, shoes to which many women do not know really resist. They are perfect under shorts, adapt perfectly to a few look gipsy. In short, this season there are some beautiful summer boots 2016, waiting to be discovered.

The bikers, because basically that’s what it is, not as heavy as many believe. In fact, instead of fur & leather or synthetic fabrics too hot, these are usually achieved in cotton lightweight and perforated suede.

In addition to the low ones shoes, there are also summer boots with kitten heel just mentioned. Those heels are rarer and usually do not recommend them. Are you ready to see together some of the models made for summer 2016?

Let’s start with something simple, dyed in a wonderful milky white. We have chosen, these summer boots Isabel Marant, with very light rubber sole with heel lifts. They are made of perforated white leather with dual rear and tassel design.

Indian style for H & M boots made for warm season. The ones you see in the picture have stitching and long fringe trends, perfect for those looking for a style to Pocahontas.

Speaking of fringe, introducing minimal decoration, wooden wedge boots fringed sides and open front. They are Ash and are completely made of suede, ideal for parties and concerts.

With kitten heel, buckle and studded biker boots collection of Nero Giardini. To help fit the brand has added to these creations a zip. Delicious in this unusual sand grey variant.

Don’t miss the summer boots high. In this case we propose a model highly patterned, all fretted about the length with terminal laced style lace. Beige and cleat just mentioned: you can find them by Fornarina.