Fashion Curvy Figure

The media offer increasingly aternative diets and “effective” to make us lose a few kilo of that too many times there. And if instead of sacrificing the taste was quite the fashion to fix our imperfections?

We STUFF FROM WOMEN we have already spoken of fashion curvy ( Article Cele) and how we should not become slaves of the system by seeking thinness at all costs. Magazines, websites, leaflets, advertising on TV, wherever there are proposals diets from dubious origin that promise short-term miracles, triggering a mechanism that can sometimes become dangerous. It ‘s true, we are not perfect, who among us does not love the small handle on the sides, the big butt, legs a bit’ stocky or the big chest?

Those that can be defined defects, however, may turn into strengths or distinctive carat teristice. It ‘important to know how to accept it for what it is and increase its value, starting from the inside up to involve the outside . Instead of killing of tapis roulant and gorge themselves to salads unseasoned you can turn to the wardrobe to disguise those rolls “too”, putting us more in tune with the mirror. The clothes that make you more beautiful and more slender’m certainly not a miracle of nature, just sneakily and do the right combinations.

In these cases, the first cliché is that dressing “over-sized” hidden defects. Totally wrong! If you are well into meat excessive volume will only visually increase your size, even giving a squat effect.