Find the Bathroom Tiles in Style

Partnership with magazine changes residents home environments in several states.

Sometimes the work of an architect in someone’s home is to understand what the customer wants, but can not explain. This was the case of Ricardo Melo architect in Almeida Frank’s house in Rio de Janeiro.

This is the inhabitant of the bathroom before the changes.

Before starting the project, the professional checked the profile of resident and as is the rest of the house. So he planned something that matched the style of life of Frank and the furniture of the house.

In addition to match the house, Ricardo says that transform the environment is to choose a coat that catches attention. In the case of this space, the tablets did this work. They are colored to follow the relaxed style of the furniture of the house and still remember hydraulic tiles, following the rustic line of the living room wall.

The lighting also underwent changes. Before with only one focus, now it is with LED lamps and various points, such as the mirror, countertops for bathrooms, area toilet and box.

The bathroom owner approved the transformation. The bathroom was beautiful.