Five Clothes Put Before, During and After Pregnancy

Already in normal times, you never really know too well how to dress. So when you are pregnant or after birth, it can be even more complicated… A quick tour of our favorite clothes that we can put before, during and after pregnancy!

The faux leather leggings: you were a fan of the Grease musical, the black synthetic leggings will give you the look of one of the characters in the movie, plugged in at will! Flexible and flexible, it flatters all the morphologies and can be slipped without worry even with the round can. Any other leggings a little “fashion” will do just as well, and will marry as well with a whole panoply of clothes, from the blouse to breastfeeding to the tight fitting and décolleté.

The pseudo-sporty sweatshirt: between the Abercrombie and the Hollister, the colorful sweatshirts give you a trendy athletic look. They are advisable because they are generally soft and pleasant to wear, and are also worn one or two sizes above. Perfect if you are pregnant or want to hide imperfections, while having the look in the shot.

The long dress in linen or cotton: soft, ample and fluid, it can be pregnant or not, in summer or with a tights and a sweater in winter. Going to the ankles, it marries your body, whatever its form or stage of pregnancy.

The trendy sneakers: Stan Smith or converse, these shoes are essential in your wardrobe, are worn with everything, and allow you to be comfortable whatever the situation.

The shawl: preferably wool, it is the accessory that we should all have, to wrap, make a scarf or a cape.A real cocoon of comfort and a touch of elegance for all women.