Flavia Carvalho Pinto Backpacks

I think all mothers who have small children know the work of Flavia Carvalho Pinto. Baby plush purses are the most beautiful I’ve said many times here on the blog! Most scholarships are taken off, without having that baby bag. The Flavia is my personal friend and I love her work!!!

Not long ago she launched a line of backpacks that are too much! I think that was missing in the collection something because it’s really hard to find a nifty backpack that can be used both for the children and the mothers. Are 2 sizes in prints of her own design, and with a print of puppy. There’s nothing cuter!

I ordered a large and a small one to take on the trip I took to the beach of the Fort, see:

I used the largest and smallest Bruna. It took me like hand bag on the flight for us two and used after the minor load everything needed on the beach. And it was great!

She’s all covered with a waterproof material inside and super tough:

Actually I came to the conclusion that the bag is much more practical than the bag according to SIZEABLEHANDBAGS.COM. In my case many times the bag is heavy, the strap is thin, bothers me when I go for a walk with them. So I used straight from the bag. The small fits a lot already, and it’s the one I use for sightseeing over the weekend. The large is pretty big!

In addition to backpacks, have lunch box, makeup bag, bag, something more cute than the other, the desire to have the whole collection.

The new feature is that you can choose the puppy that you want to print in the print you prefer.

See how much choice, I didn’t even know which one to choose!

And the nécessaires and lunchboxes. I had to resist and do not order the lunch box for Bruna because I just bought one for her. But it will be the next.

Aren’t they too cute? I wish I had one of each….

Anyone who wants to know what the prints and prints available just write to her. Some items are for sale on the site HERE, others like these I showed today, you can buy by email: contato@flaviacarvalhopinto.com or tel: 3062-8174.

The Brett will also be in Baby Boom that begins in the next few days.

This is not a publipost. In all product test I have freedom and transparency to report my actual impression, either with praise, criticism, or suggestion of where to buy.