Galaxy S5 Neo: There is the Flagship Soon at Cheap?

Even more Galaxy S5: Apparently Samsung plans a premium version of the flagship with the alleged epithets not only Prime, but also a cheaper option. This could come on the market as Galaxy S5 neo. An Indian import-export database provides information on the facilities now.

That’s not mini is the already-awaited Galaxy S5, reveals the size of the display. While also more reasonably priced mini version with 4.5-inch display should appear, the possible Galaxy S5 neo 5.1 inch widescreen is listed. Although this corresponds to the diagonal of the current flagship; However an earlier leak revealed that the scaled-down variant with 720 p instead of 1080 p resolution comes. Also to light came in the course of which the info on a four-core 2.3 GHz Snapdragon-800-processor.

Growth for the Galaxy-S5 Family

Whether the Galaxy S5 neo indeed seems to be and then also on the European market, or rather, it is intended for developing countries and emerging markets, remains to be seen. Even the Samsung Galaxy S5 has early April put an exemplary launch – and thus probably surpassed iPhone 5s competitors. Variants of the new Android flagship should still expand the buying public under the powerful name of Galaxy S5. In addition to the rumors of a possible premium variant, there is evidence for a cheaper offshoot so again. Initially speculated digicam-Smartphone hybrid was zoom as a Galaxy S5 however S5 family spun off and officially presented under the name of Galaxy K zoom.