Gareth Pugh Inspired Leather Jacket

After admiring the proposals of women’s wardrobe for the fall-winter 2012/2013 we saw down jackets in eZhoushan on the occasion of the week of the woman, behold what time our gaze switches to beautiful Paris, where since yesterday I am going Cable Tray ready-to-wear for the same season. Today it was the turn of great and original names in international fashion, as Gareth Pugh that it has finished parading just a few minutes ago in a very particular, in keeping with the style of the fashion brand. The brand has paraded in a garage!

Gareth Pugh took part in the second day of Paris Fashion Week for next autumn-winter 2012/2013, with a truly original and unique parade, beginning, obviously, with a nice delay. These fashion brands have fun making us wait, even very much seen the hour delay: I wonder how happy they were guests in the front row of the fashion show, as they have had to wait so long to be able to view the models on the catwalk!
The fashion designer proposes typical trends on the catwalk this season: we have furs, which will fuel the ire of animal rights activists, and that exist in outerwear and skirts, but also several heads in black leather , for ladies rock and biker style definitely sensual. The looks are paired with knee knee boots and hats that I doubt can be worn in real life. Look like some sci-fi movie!
The models of Gareth Pugh have bulky design, but evening dresses in shades of very interesting season.

The colors are mostly dark, with an abundance of black and gray, but there are also other shades to fill the wardrobe that is really original, it is in the style of the brand. Among the Accessories, here are the gloves, obviously with fur details.