Garmin of Nuvi 2585TV in the Test

The Garmin of nüvi 2585TV ensures television fun with DVB-T receiver on the road. But the entertainer persuaded in the test as a Navi.

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Imagine, it runs in the final of your favorite series and you can not see! For those who into a sweat at this presentation, Garmin has brought his new pilot nuvi 2585TV on the market: this navigation system comes with a built-in DVB-T receiver with recording function and should thus provide television enjoyment on the go.

Facilities: Reception is all

First of all, the DVB-T antenna to the back of the bracket is attached. Depending on the reception, also the retractable antenna built into the unit is sufficient under certain circumstances. The two antenna cables offer the better solution.

Speaking of reception: DVB-T is not widely available in Germany. Before purchasing, you should consult on our site about the situation in their region. In the test we could watch TV perfectly. For the recording, you need a micro SD card.

Operation: Easy top

After a reasonable boot time by 30 seconds, we see the main menu of the Garmin of nuvi 2585TV. Here is evident: the menu is well-structured, operate it can be quite relaxed.

In the reduced main menu there is also the button for the TV mode. The destination entry succeeds quickly, lately this a letter suppression has to offer. The additional options and features such as, for example, points of interest can be found without great searching and select.

Route calculation and guidance: as well as healthy

At the beginning of our test route, we quickly typed the objectives in the navigation system. Here, the Garmin of nüvi 2585TV scores with his fairly rapid route calculation. And as we rolled a short time later towards the first goal, the route calculation based on historical traffic data is positive: instead of us move on the chronically overcrowded B19 from Stuttgart, the Garmin via a less loaded road directed us. Handy!

Otherwise the nuvi 2585TV led as well as healthy on the test track, it made only a small blunder. This good performance is due to the service 3D-Traffic by NAVTEQ, which is simply more accurate as the TMC standard storage service.

A pity, that the joy is slowed a bit by the listless and nuschelig-sounding voice of the Lady. After all, she says the turns in a timely manner. Motorway fork will be announced in good time with realistic representations.

Conclusion: Very good test result

The Garmin of nüvi 2585TV achieved ‘very good’ in the test the note. Sure, a Navi not everyone needs with TV long ago, but for many drivers the nüvi 2858TV is definitely worth considering. For this luxury, to be able to watch TV, you have to spend but also something more in the car: The price recommended by Garmin is 299 euros.