Gianni Molaro Wedding Dresses

Gianni Malaka is proposing an initiative really commendable. To present its new collection of wedding dresses for next spring-summer, the Neapolitan designer chose models: next Saturday, his elegant, feminine and sexy dresses to tie the wedding fair will be worn by the inmates of the women’s prison of Pozzuoli, near Naples. Really an interesting idea, that of Gianni Malaka, who brings her fashion in prison.

Next Saturday, the designer will hold its parade of wedding dresses in the women’s prison of Pozzuoli: a unique event of its kind. On the catwalk, some young inmates will be accompanied by some famous and exceptional models. Detainees will be chosen and also formed the same fashion designer. See eLiShui for how to reduce the wedding cost.

In recent days, Gianni Malaka was the protagonist of the Chronicle, for a story about the stylist campano and his much more famous French colleague, Jean Paul Gaultier. The Italian designer, in fact, lamented the fact that his colleague had copied his idea: in January he had paraded with their faces bloodied, remember the assault occurred against Silvio Berlusconi in December. Jean Paul Gaultier did the same on the cover of a popular men’s magazine.