Glitter Shoes: Models, How to Use

The shoes with glitter are up! After Miu Miu, the renowned Italian designer, parading with your collection full of glitter shoes, shone is no longer used only in handbags, accessories and makeup. Several famous as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Beyonce joined the style and today are often seen wearing the shoes. Check out below some models and know how to use them.

Glitter shoes

Different from fashion, when the brightness was used at night and only in special events, today, the brightness is used on several occasions, even during the day.

Are cold seasons that they stand out. In winter, most of the clothing, accessories and shoes are manufactured with lots of glitter. That’s because in addition to a lit in the winter, the sober productions glitter makes the play more elegant and refined.

Boots, shoes, heel shoes, oxfords, sandals and even the flats are the main models that mark the presence of glitter. The glitter trend of the shoes is diversified since enough to suit all tastes and styles.

How to use glitter shoes

  1. In deciding to use a shoe with glitter, remember that it will be the center of attention. So, not to make a look, give preference to the more discrete parts, like Jean shorts, skirts flat and basic tops;
  2. if you want to add an attachment to the visual, it is important that this is the same pattern of the shoe and not be so extravagant. Example: If using a sneaker in silver color, earring or bracelet should be the same color;
  3. when buying a shoe with glitter, prefer the neutral colors, like black, silver or gold. Colors that allow various combinations;

Abuse of the differential is the fashion of the moment, and the glitter shoes are one of the bets for this year. Use and abuse of the glow, inspired in looks of famous and mount your own style.