Gmail Meter: Perfect for Geeks Who Like Statistics and Graphs

In late March the Google released the Account Activity that gathers various data from various services in a particular Google account. Now the company officially Gmail Meter, which should make fanatics graphs and statistics go follies. This is a script created in 2011 by a developer Apps Script and that was perfected at the beginning of the month. It connects to your account to show many details, almost as an Analytics for Gmail, so to speak.

To set it is necessary to go through a semi-sacred via: open Google Docs, create a new document in spreadsheet format, go to the Tools menu, click Script Gallery, look for Gmail Meter and click Install. Once installed, you will see a new menu item called Gmail Meter. And after clicking on this menu and select the Generate Report, it will scour your Gmail account for information. The script takes a while to get the data, but it works. Or so says the legend since I could not even install the script said.

Among the data that can be displayed are the traffic pattern (which shows the emails sent and received each day), the volume of emails (separated by what were considered important, marked with star and etc.), time before answer (which shows how long on average does it take you to send a reply to an email and vice versa) and to which your average words in a message.

In practice there is not much use in statistics angariadas Gmail Meter, but it’s cute to see. And if you want to know exactly how the script works, this tutorial describes each of the data and how it accesses.