Good Night Light for Baby Room

Selection of lighting in the nursery was “light” task. Proper lighting interior design not only pleases the eye, but also affect the health of pipsqueak. For starters, it helps to develop a strong vision and normal functioning of the brain. And also miracle – light, contribute to the pleasant vacation and excellent mood.

Night Light for Baby Room

The minimum necessary for the children’s room is a chandelier, table lamp and night lamp. However, depending on the age of the child is changed and the need for lighting. For example, babies best feel when to crib a special light that turns on when the little one upset. A musical lamp over his head as soothe and entertain baby.

Little researcher aged 1-2 years old need equally distributed general lighting. For him it is appropriate to put a chandelier and guiding lights mounted on the ceiling. A three-year child is now needed and table lamps. So his desire to create will be limited, even in the evening. Its location, however, be correct: the light should fall on the table in front and left.

Designers believe that even just using the lamps, the room can be transformed – to make it more beautiful, brighter, more spacious. Local bright spots (night lights) create comfort in the room and divide it into functional zones.

Lights-ceiling room seem larger. It is important to choose the right chandelier and calculate height. If you are worried not to confuse the bills, buy chandelier with adjustable height.

Walls and ceiling in the nursery should be in bright colors. This will allow you to choose a bright and cheerful, colorful lamps for the room. Another secret: instead of the usual white lamps for decorative lighting, use color. The room is transformed and your child will be ecstatic.

Good night!

Let crib to your treasure settled little fairy. Every night she would refer to himself in the country of magical dreams.

Dreams come true

Even the youngest children are truly desires. Some dream to participate in the spectacle, just as Buratino, others – are like pirates and find the hidden treasure. These dreams can come true with the help of a simple flashlight. How? Very easy! You just have evening to turn off the lights and illuminate red, green, blue beam wall, teddy bears, rabbits, and with them the dolls begin to move and talk. Of course, if Pipsqueak help. A Treasure (cookies, small toys) previously located in the corners of the room. To search for them using a flashlight is so much fun!


You want the nursery to remind fairyland? Transform lamp on the ceiling toy. For example cheerful clown under the umbrella flying. Or you can put past her hanging, flying butterflies. No heavy chandeliers! They visually hunkering ceiling and make the room smaller. Choose lamps with opaque shades or special materials. Remember that glass and crystal lamps make many bright glare adversely affecting vision. Further straining the eyes.

There’s nothing to fear

All sorts of clocks and night lights serve to illuminate certain parts of the room. It is they who create the pleasant twilight in which the interior is transformed like magic: some details are lit, others remain in darkness.

Most appropriate lighting fixtures to be able to adjust the light. Small children are afraid to sleep in the dark, these lamps are directly rescuers. However, they give a sense of peace and safety and ensure restful sleep.