Google Banishes Himself in Search Results

The week was troubled for the commercial department Google. First of all, the company announced the purchase of a major price comparison site there from the UK. The Beat That Quote was acquired by no less than 37.3 million pounds, equivalent to R $ 100 million – rum in exchange for Eike Batista, of course. This deal was announced on Monday, the day 07/03.

Also on Monday, another sector of Google – the Penalties, if there is this area – began a blockade of results search related to Beat That Quote. You can even try to search for the site name in the search service, but will only find an equivalent in Canada. Nothing Beat My Quote original, as incredible as it may seem.

In other words, Google is penalizing himself.

The domain Beat That Quote was not removed from the Google index. Typing site: in field research Google, the service calculates “about 8260 results”. However, when searching the site address – – the first result is not the site in question, but a post on Google Discovery. Other results speak buying the Beat That Quote, but neither is the site itself.

And the worst is that the search for the URL still appears one advertising Google Webmaster Tools wondering if I am the owner of domain. No! The owner is yourself, Google. Santa burrada.