Google Docs Gets New Toolbar

The Google Docs has undergone a makeover in your home in early August. Now came the turn of the applications themselves go through a redesign, starting with the processor of texts from Google Docs. That afternoon popped up a message that the new look for this application was available. Of course I wanted to see.

As you can see, the text editor of Google Docs primarily gained a new toolbar. The resources remain the same, but the icons and all the visual language has been changed. The former intention of Google to offer a single visual unit for all your products on the web seems to be taken to the letter. And it has worked well, at least in the case of Google Docs.

The toolbar is more sober, in my view. All options are presented in shades of gray, which tends less disperse the concentration of the user for what he really wants to do in Google Docs: complete some task, whether you’re editing text, is creating spreadsheets etc.

As you move your mouse pointer on the button, they get a more intense shade of black. So none of them is still colorful – an important decision, given that the previous look of Google Docs was filled with the most assorted colors, to the delight of some and despair of others.

Google has not officially announced this change in Google Docs. Anyway, here it is, at first hand to the readers of TB. If I liked, considering the short time of use of the new look? Yes, and quite! It allows us to focus more on our task, and let the other bells and whistles of a focused application for side work.

Google Docs spreadsheet application continues with the same guy as before. No news in your look (at least I have not seen).