Google Introduces Android-Creative Experiments

Google launches new website, which acts as a platform for the wacky, entertaining and creative experimental apps for the Android operating system.

Now you can unfold your creative side by Google’s new website called Android Experiments. It is a page where you can test innovative and wacky apps that make use of new technologies and expand the boundaries of what you can today with a smartphone.

The concept is taken directly from another Google product: Chrome browser, which for many years has been around Chrome Experiments website to complete the same purpose-just in the form of extensions to the browser.

On the website you can quickly flip through the experimental apps, there is added, where you can view a quick video walkthrough and go directly to the Playstation store to download and try them on their own.For developer interested, it is also possible to view the source code for all added apps.

The idea is to make use of the open and flexible platform that Android is, and encourage and inspire other developers to put new limits on what can be done with a smartphone.

To show what is possible already, Google has launched a video showing many of the new projects forward — some more than useful, but all in any case extremely creative and different, than what is usually seen in the Playstation store.

Many apps makes use of the sensors on the phone as a motion sensor, light sensor and not least the cameras, that allows, for example, to draw in a 3D landscape by changing the phone’s position, just as there are also various games and 3D effects in all possible ways.

It’s all done so on the website our site, where you can already find plenty of fun apps for your Android phone – tablet or watch.