Google Maps Update for Desktop Has Integration with Waze and Return Pegman

The Google Maps for desktop just received another update. It was this time that the service has won the custom map feature, but the news announced by Google are very welcome: Return Pegman, Google Earth tours and integration with Waze.


Pegman is that “little guy” Yellow classic version of Google Maps that when dragged to a map point, displayed images from Google Street View. Their exclusion in the current version was widely criticized for making less practical viewing street view, which is why the company decided to bring it back.

Only now, Pegman appears in the lower right of the screen. A simple click it causes the blue lines indicating the streets have Google Street View appear. Then just click anywhere in a line to have the street level view or use the old method of dragging the doll to the desired location.

Related to Street View, steps view is another novelty. By tracing a route, Google Maps may display a sequence of images of specific points on the path. It is a way to identify short sharp, tolls or any other relevant information that is not evident in the map view.

Earth Tours

Google Earth still exists but is no longer need to install it to take advantage of some of its functions, such as the “tours”. To find the “Earth Tours” icon, you can access Google Maps itself a virtual tour regarding that point that includes 3D images.

You want an example? Then see the Swiss Alps. But the display will only happen if your browser has WebGL enabled. It is the case of Chrome as Google itself out.


This is perhaps the most useful novelty, at least for those who daily faces the traffic of large cities. Nearly five months after acquiring the Waze, Google integrated traffic information in real – time service Maps, as already happened with the mobile versions.

Yes, this means that it is easier to escape jams or points with stopped traffic. To do so, just leave the transit option enabled Maps.


According to Google, Google Maps update has begun to appear to users, but it may take a few weeks to cover all the bills.

Anyway, it is important to note that these new features, including graphics capabilities implemented since the last update, left the heavy Google Maps. Thus, if your computer does not have reasonable hardware, it may be best to click the Settings button (top right) and activate the classic option of the service.