Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag

How to choose the size and the material of a Grobag Baby Boom? Indeed, these sleeping bags also called Magic bags are available in several models adapted to the age and the size of your child.

Models of sleepers in sponge or fleece, micro fiber Softy for the cooler seasons or bamboo for the warmer seasons. Check Sleepingbagsexpo for a quality sleeping bag review. Below, two explanatory tables very well answering these questions.

Different Magic bags Baby Boom size Guide.

Guide to the choice of the material of your Swaddle Baby Boom according to the baby’s room temperature.

Namely, Baby Boom changed its name and became Bemini Belgium, you will see two names on their website and in their communication again for a year.The transition will be smooth. Be = Belgium and mini is small, Nice. Given the success of the brand, also outside borders, it must adapt to international. One of the reasons is the easier Bemini pronunciation in all languages.

These Magicbags are a very practical and original Belgian creation. The 0-3 month sleeping bag has an opening to pass the seat belt the maxi-cosi.

The model 0-9 months with a unique design allows to separate the legs by a zipper as baby grows. The model 6-24 months and 18-36 months allow in addition to remove the sleeves according to the circumstances.