Hair Pastel Dye – Pink, Purple and Blue as Hair Color Trends

Pastel colors have been a clear trend in both the home furnishings and the fashion world in recent years. The delicate, bright tones have even conquered the world of makeup and hair. For several years experimenting more and more famous Hollywood ladies with their hair color and put on pastels for hair.

When you want your hair coloring pastel and wearing the trendy hair color correctly, then you are right here. In the article you will find helpful tips as well as nice ideas for hairstyles with the most popular pastel colors for hair.

Hair pastel dye – who has the trendy look

Before deciding on a completely new pastel look, you should first consider whether you would like such colors. This is one thing that depends on the skin color and tone, as well as on your natural hair color. The color of eyes and eyebrows also plays an important role. As a rule, pastel colors, such as delicate pink or light blue, are more suitable for brighter skin types. Furthermore, blond hair will take the pastel hair color better and thus achieve a better end effect.

Long or short hair pastel dye and like

In terms of hair length, there is no good or bad decision. Pastel tones are good for short hair cuts as well as long manes. However, you should decide whether you want to dye the whole hair pastel or just make highlights. Longer hair tolerates pastel lace and the popular ombre look quite well, whereby the short hair is easier to color completely.

Hair pastel tint and experiment with colors

As a rule, pastel tones can not be dyed permanently, but only in the hair. So the color remains depending on the type of coloring of 4-5 hairwashes to one and a half months. Therefore you can be experimenting and try more than one pastel color until they find the right one for you.

Using pastel colors to dye hair – What to consider

Dyeing with pastel colors is different with different hair colors. The easiest way is to paint pale or blonde colored hair pastel because they take the new color more easily. For brunettes, however, this is not the case. Brown hair can tolerate color pigments not so well and should be first blonded before you get the pastel hair color.

Can you dye hair pastel without bleaching?

For a pastel hair color the dark hair should be brightened before. You can, of course, also try the pastel tones with a non-blond hair, but in the end you get no pastel hair, but a small color shimmer.

Leave hair bleached or bleached

If you have natural light blond hair, you can skip this step. However, all others should first dry the hair chemically. As a rule, it is possible to bleed the hair itself, but one must rather advise against it. You can stress your hair violently and still do not achieve good results. Therefore, it is recommended to let the hair bleach with the professional.

Only color healthy hair

The bleaching and dyeing are usually an unfavorable process for the hair and can damage them more or less. For hair that has already been worn, a regeneration phase is recommended before dyeing, as well as intensive care. Because the hair must also be healthy to look beautiful.

Which pastel hair color is available to you

Pink, blue and purple are currently the most popular pastel colors for the hair. Pastel Pink hair is more suitable for ladies with light skin and bright eyes. The pink pastel shades for hair are available in different nuances and you can choose the best for yourself. Pastel blue hair is also suitable for tanned skin and can be combined nicely with the other pastel tones. The pastel purple hair color fits almost every skin type and looks elegant.

Even the hair pastel dye – Find matching products

If you have chosen to dye the hair yourself pastel, then you should find a suitable quality product. In the market are offered various tingling products like Haarmasks, conditioners and creams, which you can try. Always follow the instructions for use of the product you have selected.

Hair pastel color at the hairdresser

If you are unsure about your own coloring skills, then a visit to the hairdresser is recommended. The pastel color will be preserved for longer and you can get tips and experience for the next time from the professional. No matter whether you want to dye your hair pastel or make it with an expert, the special care for colored hair is always a must to protect the hair and the color after.

Hair pastel color – pink hair

Pastel pink hair is suitable for women of all ages. With this pastel hair color you can never be wrong. It looks particularly feminine and is perfect for blond hair. The American singer Pink has made this hair color popular for years and in the last years many other stars have decided to do it.

Pink highlights with pastel pink hair color

If you do not want a new hair color, but only a bit of variety you can only try a few highlights in pastel tones. An ombre look or a dyed pony fit perfectly to fair-haired hair and are a good decision for spring and summer.

Pastel pink hair for a trendy look

Famous women from the music and cinema world such as Kaley Cuoco, Rita Ora and even Rihanna have already tried the trendy look. Whether you have short or long hair – the pink pastel tones are all hair length and hairstyle.

Pastel Purple hair dye

With pastel colors for the hair you can be experimenting, because the color disappears after some hair washes. If you want to dye the hair pastel, then purple pastel tones are a wonderful idea. Whether the whole hair, or only in the form of colored tips and highlights in the hair, the trendy hair color is a popular idea for the desired variety.

Hair pastel dye – the girlish purple hair color

The pastel purple hair color gives a feminine look and is perfect for fashion-conscious women. The outfit combines pastel purple hair best with black, white or other pastel tones. The combination with dark tones such as blue or gray makes the pastel hair color particularly intense.

Hair pastel colors – blue tones inspired by mermaids

If you want an elegant summer holiday for warm days at the beach, you can first color your hair pastel in a blue pastel tone. Pastel blue hair reminiscent of the beach and the sea and are the perfect addition to summery outfit.

Pastel blue hair and who they stand for

The pastel blue hair fit perfectly to women with a bright skin type. With blue you can either dye the whole hair, or only the tips tones. However, both versions for blue pastel shades in the hair are more suitable for holidays and not for everyday life. With the outfit, the pastel hair color combines nicely with other pastel tones such as pink or purple, as well as with gray.